Walbro FRD-2 Fuel Pump - Industrial

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Walbro FRD2-1 Industrial Fuel Pump 12 vdc 10 GPH for Gasoline, Diesel, Ethanol

The Walbro FRD2-1 Industrial Fuel Pump is a great pump for either internal combustion engine applications or for stove/heater applications, provided that the pressure and fuel flow are suited to the application. The pump itself does not have an internal filter, so a pickup filter or coarse inline filter before the pump is necessary. This pump will cycle on and off based on demand, so a pressure regulator may not be required. It has good durability, relatively low battery draw, and is quiet compared to other pumps of this type. The FRD2-1 replaces the original fuel pump in heater applications.


All Walbro Marine and Industrial Fuel Pumps Feature:

  • Low Current Draw
  • Reverse-Polarity Protected up to 60 minutes
  • Self-Priming (Dry Lift) of more than 24" (120 cm)
  • Dry Run to Four Hours
  • Compatible With All Commercially-Available Pump-Grade Gasoline, Gasohol, Diesel, or Bio-Diesel
  • Operating Temperature from -40° to 155° Farenheit (-40° to 70° Celcius)
  • Protection from Transient Voltages to 100 vdc
  • US Coast Guard Approved (USCG 16623-1 and USCG 16623-2)
  • European CE Standard Approved (EN 61000-6-2 and EN 63-2100)

Additionally, all Walbro FRD-Series Pumps Feature:

  • Continuous Duty Life Over 10,000 Hours (Diesel Fuel)
  • Weight of 0.75 Kg (1.65 lbs)
  • Pump Cycles Only On Fuel Demand
  • Voltage: 12 Volt (9.0 min – 16.0 vdc max)
  • Minimum Flow Rate: 38 liters per hour (10 gph)
  • Deadhead Pressure: 14 to 24 kPa (2.0 to 3.5 psi)
  • Maximum Current Draw: 2.3 amps
  • Life: >10,000 hours
  • Dry Lift: 24 inches
  • Compatible Fuels: No-lead regular gasoline, premium gasoline, gasoline-alcohol blends, diesel and biodiesel fuels (20% and 100%), and E85
  • Corrosion Resistance: 96 hour salt spray test (ASTM B-117)
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40ºF to 155ºF (-40ºC to 68.3ºC)
  • Reverse Voltage Protected
  • Transient Voltage Protection
  • Ground: Circuit Board is Internally Grounded to Pump Body
  • Electrical Connection: Flying Leads (2), No Connector
  • Fuse: 5 amp recommended
  • Inlet & Outlet Size: 1/8-27 NPSF
  • Inlet Filter Screen: None
  • Magnetic Trap: None
  • Outlet Check Valve: Yes
  • Adjustable Pressure Regulator 135-631
  • Optional Outlet Check Valve Fitting 128-3202
  • 420 micron Filter Screen

The FRD series fuel pump is designed to supply fuel for continuous operation applications such as heater or stove systems.

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Walbro FRD2-1 Industrial Fuel Pump 12 vdc 10 GPH for Gasoline, Diesel, Ethanol

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