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Welcome to WalbroFuelPumps.com, an independent seller of Walbro fuel pumps and accessories. All intank Walbro fuel pumps on our site are $99.99 USD including free shipping and handling to anywhere in the United States. Each Walbro fuel pump order includes an application specific installation kit, instructions, and all accessories required for an easy installation. All fuel pumps are in stock and ready to ship via USPS priority mail (2-3 business days). 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with your order, you may return it to us for a full refund.


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Walbro Fuel Pump Example

(Example Walbro Fuel Pump and Installation Kit. Note: Kit contents vary between applications) 

Pressure Types:

OEM (Original Manufacturer Specs) - 190LPH and 255LPH Walbro fuel pumps are ideal for original manufacture replacements of faulty fuel pumps. When your fuel pump goes and you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars getting a new fuel pump from your vehicles manufacturer or local auto store, OE spec Walbro replacement fuel pumps are a low cost, high quality, and reputable replacement.

HP (High Pressure) - GSS340,GSS341,GSS342 are the main Walbro 255 high pressure intank fuel pumps. GSL392 is also a 255LPH high pressure pump, however this model is an inline fuel pump, which means it usually mounts outside the fuel tanks. 
If your vehicle is used for racing purposes, heavy hauling, or in high powered turbo vehicles, OE spec Walbro Fuel pumps may not supply enough fuel to satisfy your engines needs. The Walbro 255LPH high pressure fuel pump is highly recommended for vehicles with engine performance purposes. Installing a Walbro high pressure fuel pump in a non-performance vehicle will not damage your motor. All fuel first passes through fuel injectors and a fuel pressure regulator which only send the required amount of fuel into the intake manifold, sending the unused fuel (usually more than 1000%) back to the fuel tank.

Questions? Send us an e-mail! (Note! We are not Walbro, we are an independent seller of Walbro fuel pumps, if you purchased your fuel pump from another company and would have a question, we will be glad to answer it but please take this in consideration.

Walbro Fuel Pump Catalog:

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Can't find a fuel pump for your vehicle? There is a 90% chance that we can special order it from Walbro and have it out for delivery within 3-5 business days, email us to inquire. We have hundreds of OE Walbro fuel pump applications that are slowly being added to our catalog and inventory.

Popular Applications: 

Acura CL 95-98 (Pic)
Acura Integra 90-93 (Pic)
Acura Integra 94-01 (Pic)
Acura Integra 02+
Acura Legend 91-95
Acura NSX 91-00 (Pic)
Acura TL 97-99 (Pic)
Chrysler Conquest 83-89 (Pic)
Chrysler FWD Universal 84-90 (Pic)
Dodge FWD Universal 84-90 (Pic)
Dodge Neon 95-04  
Dodge Stealth 91-97 (Pic) 
Ford F150 97-98 
Ford F150 99-02 
Ford Lightning 99-00  
Ford Mustang (Non-Cobra) 85-97 (Pic) 
Ford Mustang Cobra 96-97 
Ford Probe 88-92     
Ford Probe 93-97 (Pic)
Buick Grand National 84-86 (Pic)
Chevrolet Camaro 85-91 (Pic) 
Chevrolet Universal 85-92  (Pic) 
Honda Accord 90-93 (Pic)
Honda Accord 94-97 (Pic)
Honda Accord 98-02
Honda Civic / CRX 88-91 (Pic)
Honda Civic / Del Sol 92-95 (Pic)
Honda Civic 96-00 (Pic)
Honda Civic 01+
Honda CRV 97-01 (Pic)
Honda Prelude 92-96 (Pic)
Honda Prelude 97-01
Jeep Cherokee 97-01 (Pic)
Jeep Grand Cherokee 97-01 (Pic)
Jeep Wrangler 97-04 (Pic)
Lexus GS300 93-99 
Lexus GS400 96-99 
Lexus LS400 90-98 (Pic) 
Lexus LS400 99-00 
Lexus SC300 / SC400 99-00 
Mazda Miata 94-97
Mazda MX6 / 626 93-97 (Pic)
Mazda RX7 86-88 (Pic) 
Mazda RX7 89-92 
Mazda RX7 93-95  
Mercury Cyclone 91-92 (Pic) 
Mitsubishi 3000GT 91-99 (Pic) 
Mitsubishi Eclipse FWD 90-94 (Pic)  
Mitsubishi Eclipse AWD 90-94 (Pic) 
Mitsubishi Eclipse 95-98 (Pic)  
Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII 03-04 (Pic) 
Nissan 200SX 95-98 (Pic)
Nissan 240SX 89-94 (Pic)
Nissan 240SX 95-99 (Pic)
Nissan 300ZX 90-96 
Nissan Altima 93-95 (Pic)
Nissan D21 86-95
Nissan Maxima 89-94 
Nissan Maxima 95-99 
Nissan NX16000 / NX2000 91-94
Nissan Sentra 91-94 (Pic)
Nissan Sentra 98-99
Pontiac Fiero 2.8L 85-86 (Pic) 
Pontiac Firebird 85-91 (Pic)
Plymouth FWD 84-90 (Pic)
Plymouth Laser 95-98 (Pic)
Plymouth Laser AWD 90-94 (Pic) 
Plymouth Laser FWD 90-94 (Pic)
Plymouth Neon 95-04
Subaru Impreza 2.5L 99-03 (Pic)
Subaru WRX 02-03 (Pic)
Saturn SC / SL 97-02
Toyota MR2 91-95 (Pic)
Toyota Pickup 92-95
Toyota Supra 84-92 (Pic)
Toyota Supra 93-98 
Toyota Supra TT 93-98   

Walbro GSS340 Fuel Pump

Walbro GSS340 Intank Fuel Pump 255LPH High Pressure (Universal)

Walbro Part Number: GSS340
Type: Universal Intank Fuel Pump
Fuel: Gas
Horsepower: 500HP+
Flow Rate: 255 LPH 

Walbro GSS341 Fuel Pump

Walbro GSS341 Intank Fuel Pump 255LPH High Pressure (Universal)

Walbro Part Number: GSS341
Type: Universal Intank Fuel Pump
Fuel: Gas
Horsepower: 500HP+
Flow Rate: 255 LPH 

Walbro GSS342 Fuel Pump

Walbro GSS342 Intank Fuel Pump 255LPH High Pressure (Universal)

Walbro Part Number: GSS342
Type: Universal Intank Fuel Pump
Fuel: Gas
Horsepower: 500HP+
Flow Rate: 255 LPH 

Walbro F90000262 400LPH Fuel Pump Universal High Pressure

Walbro F90000262 Fuel Pump 400LPH High Pressure (Universal)

Walbro Part Number: F90000262
Type: Universal Intank Fuel Pump
Fuel: Gas
Horsepower: 500HP+
Flow Rate: 400 LPH 

Walbro F20000967 Fuel Pump

Walbro F90000267 Fuel Pump 450LPH High Pressure (Universal E85)

Walbro Part Number: F90000267
Type: Universal Intank Fuel Pump
Fuel: FLEX
Horsepower: 750HP+
Flow Rate: 450 LPH 

Outperforms all current market in-tank fuel pumps
Designed for engines with more than 750 HP 
Award-winning OE technology 
High-pressure, high-flow performance OEM technology designed and developed for E85 

Dual channel turbine design for maximum efficiency under high pressure and high temperature applications 
Made in USA by TI Automotive (parent company of Walbro)

Walbro GSL392 Fuel Pump with Install Kit

Walbro GSL392 Inline Fuel 255LPH Pump + Install Kit

- Pressure: 255 (LPH) Liters Per Hour- AMP: 20 - OE-proven second generation. - Fits most EFI applications including turbo and supercharged. - Variety of pressures and flows available, including high pressure performance.- All metal shell including inlet and outlet. - 10mm x 1mm threaded inlet and outlet accept a variety of fittings. - The 400-939 kit include two standard universal fittings which can connect to any 5/16 inch hose.- Lightweight, compact design. - QS9000 certified. - Made in USA
Walbro GSL392 Fuel Pump 255LPH High Pressure

Walbro GSL392 Inline Fuel Pump 255LPH High Pressure (universal external pump)

Walbro Part Number: GSL392
Type: Universal Inline Fuel Pump - External
Fuel: Gas
Horsepower: 350HP+
Flow Rate: 255 LPH 


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