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1985-1986 Pontiac PARISIENNE Fuel Pump 6Cyl. 4.3L

1985-1986 Pontiac PARISIENNE Fuel Pump 6Cyl. 4.3L

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    Notes: 6 Cyl. 4.3L (Z) T.B.I 
  • Walbro OEM Fuel Pump Kit - PN# 5CA401.
  • High QualityWalbro Fuel Pump OE Spec, Guarantee Fitment!
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OE spec electric Walbro fuel pump and installation kit fits directly into any 1985-1986 Pontiac PARISIENNE 6Cyl. 4.3L. Detailed fuel pump installation instructions included. Made in the USA.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Name 1985-1986 Pontiac PARISIENNE Fuel Pump 6Cyl. 4.3L
Fitment Notes 6 Cyl. 4.3L (Z) T.B.I
Walbro Fuel Pump 5CA401
Fuel Pump Type Intank Fuel Pump Cartridge
PSI 12
Pressure Low Pressure
Fuel Pump Voltage 12
Min GPH 29
Install Repair Kit 400-612
Filter Number 125-546
Cylinders 6 Cyl.
Liters 4.3L
SKU 11360-5CA401
Brand Walbro
Part Number 5CA401
Walbro 5CA401 Cross Reference

Manufacturer Part Number
AC DelcoEP101
AC DelcoEP107
AC DelcoEP112
AC DelcoEP114
AC DelcoEP123
AC DelcoEP125
AC DelcoEP126
AC DelcoEP162
AC DelcoEP173
AC DelcoEP174
AC DelcoEP188
AC DelcoEP212
AC DelcoEP252
AC DelcoEP253
AC DelcoEP333
AC DelcoEP382
AC DelcoEP386
AC DelcoEP53
AC DelcoEP59
AC DelcoEP60
AC DelcoEP61
AC DelcoEP63
AC DelcoEP65
AC DelcoEP67
AC DelcoEP68
AC DelcoEP69
AC DelcoEP82
AC DelcoEP83
AC DelcoEP86
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