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2004 Geo Con't Fuel Pump 8Cyl. 6.0L

2004 Geo Con't Fuel Pump 8Cyl. 6.0L

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    Notes: 8 Cyl. 6.0L (U) Sierra Denali (EVAP Emissions) 
  • Walbro OEM Fuel Pump Kit - PN# TU486.
  • High QualityWalbro Fuel Pump OE Spec, Guarantee Fitment!
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OE spec electric Walbro fuel pump and installation kit fits directly into any 2004 Geo Con't 8Cyl. 6.0L. Detailed fuel pump installation instructions included. Made in the USA.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Name 2004 Geo Con't Fuel Pump 8Cyl. 6.0L
Fitment Notes 8 Cyl. 6.0L (U) Sierra Denali (EVAP Emissions)
Fuel Pump Type Fuel Pump Module Assembly (Full Sending Unit)
Cylinders 8 Cyl.
Liters 6.0L
SKU 7074-TU486
Brand Walbro
Part Number TU486
Walbro TU486 Cross Reference

Manufacturer Part Number
AC DelcoM10095 W/ SK1131
General Motors19133481 W/ 88965383
General Motors19152213 W/ 88965383
General Motors88965377 W/ 88965383

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